Vinoy Vijayan of Byteflies appointed to MEDVIA’s Innovation Board

MEDVIA is pleased to announce the appointment of Vinoy Vijayan of Byteflies to our Innovation Board. Vinoy was chosen out of 15 applications received to fill the vacancy on the board.

The Innovation Board works with MEDVIA staff to develop strategies to help our members to collaborate, share expertise on available technologies and advise on project calls and on MEDVIA events and activities. Advice and input from the board goes directly to the Board of Directors for approval and subsequent implementation.

Vinoy works on stakeholder engagement at MEDVIA member Byteflies, which develops wearables for remote patient monitoring. Drawing on his PhD in neuroscience, he is helping the company and its partners to develop tools that empower clinicians to deliver improved quality of care to patients in their homes, leading to better long-term outcomes. Byteflies was the subject of one of MEDVIA’s Member Spotlight articles earlier this year.

“Vinoy is a passionate ambassador for the medtech industry in Flanders,” said MEDVIA’s Board of Directors in a statement. “With his experience at the fast-growing Byteflies, he has the right background to contribute to MEDVIA’s goals and mission.”

Members of the Innovation Board need to have technical innovation expertise, such as involvement in their organization’s innovation policy, R&D management or research coordination.

“I’m very happy and excited to be part of MEDVIA’s Innovation Board,” says Vinoy. “I’m looking forward to helping MEDVIA and its partners develop powerful projects and collaborations that will tackle big challenges in healthcare.”