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Why booking a sparring session?

MEDVIA supported by VLAIO provides earmarked non-dilutive funding for innovations in biotechnology, medical technology, and digital technology.

The projects – combining at least two of the above domains – should develop disruptive solutions for a clearly defined unmet need in healthcare or pool their research strengths to gain knowledge that will lead to such solutions. The results need to lead to a quantifiable increase in investment and employment in Flanders.

Your project should connect with one of our four overarching themes: Value-based healthcare, personalised medicine, digital medicine, or disruptive health solutions.

MEDVIA assists participants with the preparation of their proposal. Of course, all participants bear full and final responsibility for writing and preparing a proposal that meets the criteria set by VLAIO for the respective grant schemes.

We opened four different VLAIO grant schemes:

  • Feasibility study
  • Research Innovation Grant
  • Development Innovation Grant
  • ICON Grant5. The ICON grant schemes are relatively new and not yet well-known, but they fulfil a bridging function between academic (more fundamental) research and industrial R&D. An ICON project must thus contain both these elements.

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