Medical technology

The medical technology innovators are part of an ambitious and flourishing ecosystem

By developing innovative medical products, services and solutions, the medical tech innovators develop products to improve health and wellbeing. These devices and services assist healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients and help them overcome illness and disease, improving their quality of life.

Flanders is home to a strong healthcare system and the development of medical technology innovations is embedded in our hospitals and universities, resulting in a growing medtech community.

Medtech innovators often face challenges including regulation, finance and go-to-market. In order to guarantee and promote further development of new technologies and make them available to patients in need, we bring all stakeholders, such as clinicians, technicians and entrepreneurs, together.

In line with the mission of MedTech Flanders, supports the growing community of innovators and technology developers united in their vision to improve health and wellbeing.

As member of MEDVIA, you will become part of a flourishing community of ambitious and like-minded medtech companies and institutes. In addition, we support innovators to develop disruptive health solutions, using new technology to create completely new insights in disease origin, development, or management. MEDVIA also connects you with medical biotechnology and digital health innovators as well as a broad range of care providers.

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