Medical biotechnology
Medical biotechnology is vital for growth in health innovation.

Defined as the technology in which biological systems are used to develop products with a medical application, the medical biotechnology is vital for growth in health innovation. Flanders owes its prominent position on the world stage of healthcare innovation to its flourishing medical biotechnology ecosystem. Using living cells and cell material, researchers develop new pharmaceutical products and medical applications to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases, helping millions of people worldwide. 

With its diverse and dynamic field of companies and institutes, the Flemish landscape covers the entire value chain, from bench all the way to the patient bed.

Think top-notch universities and research institutes with international prestige, successful biotech and pharmaceutical companies and excellent hospitals providing some of the best care in the world. Allpart of the Flemish ecosystem and qualitative healthcare system where innovation is embraced and encouraged. No wonder our region ranks first in clinical trial procedure speed and capitalization of the biotech market. Thanks to the clear ambitions of our government, health innovation in Flanders is strongly facilitated.

Together with, MEDVIA supports this vibrant Flemish biotech ecosystem, every step of the way.

Our members and partners represent the entire bench-to-bedside chain, supplying each other with a valuable network and stimulating environment for innovation growth. The Flemish top-notch universities, university hospitals and research institutes are all represented in MEDVIA, bringing groundbreaking research and innovative ideas to the table. Numerous biotech and pharmaceutical companies support the further development of these ideas and push them towards application. The healthcare environment, represented by all university hospitals, as well as general hospitals and care providers, completes the value chain by enabling this innovation on the patient level.

As member of MEDVIA, you will be part of a flourishing community of ambitious and like-minded biotech innovators. Apart from the support we provide to grow your innovation, MEDVIA also promotes the connection with medical technology and digital health innovators as well as a broad range of care providers.

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