Member spotlight: Byteflies offers virtual care solutions for all

Member spotlight introduces members of MEDVIA, detailing their services and innovations.

Byteflies is on a mission to make virtual care available to all. The Belgian company has developed a platform for remote patient monitoring solutions, to save precious time for healthcare providers, reduce hospitalization costs, and boost the quality of life for patients. The aim is to aid the transition from fragmented to connected healthcare, enabling a continuum of care through virtual solutions.

Imagine that you’ve just woken up from heart surgery. You’re lying in a hospital bed, bemoaning the scratchy sheets, but overall very glad to be conscious. Under normal circumstances, you might be facing the prospect of several days in that bed, hooked up to a series of monitors all reading your vital signs to make sure that the surgery went well and nothing’s amiss. You feel fine, and as the days stretch on you become increasingly bored, frustrated, and fed up with the bland hospital food.

Now picture this alternative: you wake up in the same bed, but this time instead of a tangle of wires and beeping machines, there is just a slim patch on your chest with a small plastic sensor, about the size and width of a smartwatch. Instead of several days spent in the hospital, you’re sent home that very same evening, safe and secure in the knowledge that your cardiologist will automatically be alerted if your heart shows any signs of trouble. You have a far smoother recovery in the comfort of your own home, and the hospital bed is freed up for another patient with a more pressing health issue. This is the reality made possible by Byteflies’ virtual Care@Home solutions.

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