“Paradigm Shifts in Health Innovation”: Read MEDVIA’s white paper

Did you know there is an ongoing rise in hospital-driven innovation in Flanders? Read our new white paper “Paradigm Shifts in Health Innovation: From Product Push to Market Pull” to learn more!

The creation of new healthcare products and services used to be supply-driven, with most R&D efforts undertaken by knowledge institutions and companies. But there’s a transition ongoing in the Belgian ecosystem from product-push to market-pull, as healthcare organizations are increasingly taking on an active role in driving health innovation.

Hospitals are appointing Innovation Managers to define existing needs and take the lead in sourcing or creating solutions to their problems. So, we conducted a survey to clarify the role, innovation topics and toughest challenges currently facing these Innovation Managers.

We found that their primary hurdle is moving from a pilot project towards the sustainable implementation of a new solution, due to a lack of funding and support, and identified several opportunities where organizations like MEDVIA can provide support for Innovation Managers and facilitate future collaborative health innovation projects.

Our aim with this white paper is to facilitate mutually beneficial R&D collaborations between healthcare providers and industry, by clarifying hospital needs and what companies have to offer.

Together, we can pave the way to better health for all.

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