Member spotlight: CoMoveIT, patient-driven mobility solutions for people with complex movement disorders

CoMoveIT is a striking example of how visionary ideas can be turned into life-changing innovations once the right technology becomes available. We spoke with CoMoveIT’s CTO, Sotirios Gakopoulos, about the Belgian company’s unique solution to improve the mobility of patients with complex movement disorders, like cerebral palsy.

In the early 2000s, Prof. Dr. Elegast Monbaliu was working as a therapist for people with complex movement disorders. He was struck by how much the involuntary movements of his patients restricted their ability to move around independently using standard mobility aids such as powered wheelchairs.

People with severe dyskinetic cerebral palsy, for example, would have a hard time operating the joystick that is typically used to control a powered wheelchair. This observation awakened his desire to develop a more suitable steering system to meet these people’s needs.

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