Join MEDVIA on week-long mission to Southern California

MEDVIA is heading to one of America’s top healthtech hubs – and wants your company to come along!

Our members are invited to join us in sunny Southern California for a week-long visit to accelerators, incubators and the number one conference dedicated to healthtech in the US – The Medtech Conference. MEDVIA is embarking on the mission together with Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT).

Expanding your market into the US is difficult, time-consuming and expensive to do on your own. This trip will put our members face-to-face with the right people in the right place at the right time. According to opinion leaders, Southern California is one of the top 10 healthtech hubs in the US.

Not only will we network with local hub leaders, we will meet Flemish healthtech professionals based in the Orange County and LA area, offering real-world comparisons between the US and Europe when it comes to regulations, approvals, marketing and the realities of America’s healthcare system. A group visit makes your journey into the American market strategic and efficient!

The program

Our program for the week is still being finalized, but here’s what we can tell you so far.


9-10 Oct   The MedTech Conference (Anaheim)

11 Oct         Lunch + visit to Octane (Newport Beach). Octane connects companies,
                    resources and capital in the Southern California technology and medtech
                    business ecosystem

                    Early evening networking + Q&A session with Flemish health experts
                   working in Orange County


12 Oct       Visit to BioScience LA for discussion with CEO Dave Whelan + evening
                   mixer with members of the entire healthtech ecosystem, including hospital

13 Oct       Visit to Cedars-Sinai Accelerator and Tech Ventures for talks with Pamela
                  Collingwood, Director, and Emily Mack, Program Administrator of Global
                  Alliances + tour of a Cedars-Sinai Medical Center department

We start the week with The MedTech Conference in beautiful Anaheim, California. Thanks to FIT, MEDVIA members get a special rate of $1,200 to attend the conference, a discount of between 30% and 57%.

 Why attend the MedTech Conference?

  • There is no better place to learn about Southern California’s healthtech hub
  • Focus on medical devices, diagnostics and digital technologies
  • 400 speakers from 45 countries in 100 sessions
  • Talk to investors and hear from policymakers
  • Medtech innovator showcase

But The Medtech Conference is just the beginning… BioScience LA is leading the way in Southern California’s climb to the top of the life sciences sector. Working across the biotech, pharma, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health fields, it opens doors for companies that are looking to navigate their way through one of the nation’s top life science hubs.

Octane in Newport Beach is one of the country’s top-ranked accelerators, with a full range of services for start-ups and scale-ups. Also acting as an incubator, it focuses on the medical technology business ecosystem. The Cedars-Sinai Accelerator exposes its participants to a broad network of entrepreneurs and investors, transforming healthcare delivery and patient care in the region.

These visits will offer our members potential landing spots that are crucial to making inroads in a country the size of the US. This key American state is a superb place to start before expanding into other internal markets, and these organizations are experts on the heart and health of Southern California.

Please let us know if you would like us to contact you about joining MEDVIA on this exciting mission to Southern California. The sooner you get in touch, the more likely we will be able to tailor our continually expanding program to suit your company’s needs. You can actually influence on your own experience.

Article updated on 07 September 2023
Article updated 01 August 2023