FIT launches Flanders International Business Awards

Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) is combining its former Export Lion and Foreign Investment Trophy and adding a start-up prize to create the new Flanders International Business Awards.

Nominations are being accepted now for:-

  • Exporter of the Year – for a Flanders-based exporter achieving top results
  • Foreign Investor of the Year – for a foreign company investing in Flanders, strengthening the region and vice-versa
  • Startup of the Year – for a startup that helps put Flanders’ innovative ecosystem on the map worldwide

Nominations are due by 31 May, after which a professional jury will select three nominees in each category with strong international credentials in each category. This means companies with a proven robust strategy and collaborating beyond company and regional borders.

“High-tech, the digital and green transition, startups moving into the wider world at an ever-faster pace… The time is now: international business is evolving at lightning speed, and the geopolitical challenges are considerable,” says Joy Donné, CEO of FIT. “With the Flanders International Business Awards, FIT underscores its unique connecting power in a complex and competitive world, strengthening its brand identity.”

In early September, the nine nominees will defend their candidacy before a final jury of business leaders and economic experts. The winner will be announced at the first edition of the Flanders International Business Awards ceremony on 20 September in Brussels Airport’s Skyhall.

“One awards show, one stage, one moment,” says Donné. “It’s a logical step for FIT, and the ideal moment to unite all facets of Flanders’ internationalizing business environment.”