MEDVIA awarded Label for Cluster Management Excellence

9 January 2024

MEDVIA is proud to announce that we have been awarded a Bronze Label for Cluster Management Excellence by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA). The quality label was awarded based on several criteria, including collaborations with other cluster organizations in Europe.

The ESCA was established in 2010 as part of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative, a European Commission project to create more world-class clusters across the EU by strengthening cluster management excellence. ESCA defines the qualities to which clusters must strive, and a benchmarking procedure assess each cluster. This can result in a label for cluster organizations.

The first label awarded to a cluster is always bronze: “Striving for Cluster Excellence”. Following that, a cluster can apply to be considered for silver (“Dedicated to Cluster Excellence”) and ultimately gold (“Excel in Cluster Excellence”) labels.

MEDVIA has shown its excellence in cluster management according to the ESCA’s criteria, which include:

  1. Support collaboration, networking and learning
  2. Provide specialized and customized business support to stimulate innovation, particularly within SMEs
  3. Facilitate or implement a minimum number of services
  4. Address at least two defined strategic priority areas

According to ESCA: “Strong clusters can promote economic growth through leveraging the innovation and business potential of a region. New employment opportunities, products and services, companies, R&D activities and patents can be the result of activities within a cluster … clusters can be used as a strategic tool to facilitate the uptake of advanced technologies, digitalisation, new business models, low-carbon and resource-efficient solutions, creativity and design and the social economy.”

MEDVIA scored well in areas such as:

  • Clear sectoral focus
  • Utilization of regional growth potential
  • Number of committed cluster participants
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial sustainability
  • Readiness for internationalization

MEDVIA will carry the label for two years, at which point we will apply for consideration for the silver label. The labels also work to provide visibility for clusters across Europe and in the global business and healthcare sectors.

The application to be considered for the label was submitted as part of the KPIs for the Medic Nest alliance of European healthtech clusters. The closing event for the Medic Nest project – and the launch of a new meta cluster dedicated to precision medicine – will take place on 24 January in Brussels.