MEDVIA members: Establish priorities at Roadmap for the Future on 27 February

On 27 February, MEDVIA welcomes its members to the first Roadmap for the Future event at RodeBol event center in Ghent. The day of talks and workshops will help determine how MEDVIA spends its budget for the coming year.

MEDVIA needs to hear from you! We are extending an invitation to all of our member organizations to attend Roadmap for the Future, a day of discussions and workshops to help determine funding priorities for the coming year.

Read further and consult the program for all the information you need to reflect on the themes and topics of the day and come to the event prepared to make a valuable contribution.

WHAT: Roadmap for the Future – identifying funding priorities
WHEN: 27 February 9.00-17.00
WHERE: Rodebol Events, CommunicatieCampus, Sint-Denijslaan 485, Ghent

What is this event all about?

A full 40% of funding to be allocated as part of MEDVIA’s current call will be established at this Roadmap event. We believe that our members are invaluable in helping us to determine which innovations are most-needed to meet the present and future challenges of healthcare provision. In other words, which kind of projects should we fund today?

Who should attend?

MEDVIA is looking for co-creators to move forward with our Roadmap – someone who can share the vision, goals and collective knowledge of your company or institution. It could be that others in your organization – researchers and developers, for instance – would be well-placed to provide a valuable contribution to the discussion, and we would encourage you to invite them to register as well.

What will you be doing?

As a spearhead cluster organization, MEDVIA must focus on providing support and funding to the most effective solutions for the challenges facing the future of healthcare. These solutions must be based on our four principles. Feedback from our members has helped us identify applications for each principle, but these are far from limited; we look forward to your other ideas.

  1. Disruptive health solutions / New care models
  2. Personalized medicine / ATMP
  3. Value-based healthcare / Public health and population health
  4. Digital medicine / New digital bio-markers

These principles and applications will be the focus of four break-out sessions during Roadmap for the Future. Everyone can take part in two sessions: one of the first two, and one of the second two.

Health data will be a main focus for MEDVIA in the coming years and will act as a common thread throughout the day’s discussions.

In addition to the break-out sessions, participants will hear from MEDVIA CEO Ann Van Gysel, Innovation Director Piet Verhoeve and Inovigate co-founder Ingrid Maes, who will further explain the objectives of the day.

We hope to see each and every one of our members at Roadmap to the Future on 27 February in Ghent!

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28 December 2022
Written by Lisa Bradshaw