€100k funding to transform health data into a common format as well as a common representation (terminologies, vocabularies, coding schemes)

€100k funding: MEDVIA would like to inform its members that the EHDEN Consortium invites all data custodians of Electronic Health Records, Claims, Hospital and Registry data across Europe to participate in its next open call, supporting the mapping of their data to the OMOP common data model. OMOP allows for the systematic analysis of disparate observational databases. The concept behind this approach is to transform data contained within those databases into a common format (data model) as well as a common representation (terminologies, vocabularies, coding schemes), and then perform systematic analyses using a library of standard analytic routines that have been written based on the common format. To access a maximum of €100k funding, Data Partners should apply before Tuesday 14th of June via  here.


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In 2022 MEDVIA supported by VLAIO provides €8 million earmarked non-dilutive funding for innovations in biotechnology, medical technology, and digital technology.

The projects – combining at least two of the above domains – should develop disruptive solutions for a clearly defined unmet need in healthcare or pool their research strengths to gain knowledge that will lead to such solutions. The results need to lead to a quantifiable increase in investment and employment in Flanders.

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