Science for Health: Global gene therapy experts share successes and challenges on 21 November

The third edition of Science for Health, co-hosted by MEDVIA, is dedicated to the fascinating field of gene therapy. Sign up now for the one-day conference on 21 November, in Brussels and online.

The annual conference Science for Health offers multiple perspectives on a single topic. Previous years have focused on cell therapy and personalized medicine; this year Science for Health is dedicated to gene therapy.

Gene therapy has the potential to free patients from the burden of continuous treatments or daily disease management. How are international scientists turning this promise into reality?

We invite anyone working in gene therapy or related fields to join us for the latest insights into current and future treatment modalities, addressing technical and regulatory challenges and building clinical evidence.

The keynote speaker at Science for Health is Katherine High, head of therapeutics at gene therapy company AskBio. The company is located in the Research Triangle Park, the largest science park in the United States. High led the team that developed Luxturna, the first FDA-approved gene therapy and the first to be approved in both the US and Europe.

Also among the many speakers are Willeke van Roon of the Dutch Center for RNA Therapeutics, who will discuss clinical development and regulatory issues; and Morgan O’Brien of Janssen Pharmaceutica, who will lead us through challenges in manufacturing gene therapies.

Science for Health also includes parallel sessions and two round table discussions as well as a networking lunch and closing reception. Don’t miss this chance to meet academics, industry leaders, policymakers and researchers all in one place – and all dedicated to the future of gene therapies.

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28 October 2022
Written by Lisa Bradshaw