Save the date: HealthTech Investor Summit premieres on 4 December

MEDVIA is launching a new conference: HealthTech Investor Summit. A sister conference to HealthTech Summit, it takes place from 4-6 December in Bruges

Together with Flanders Investment & Trade, MEDVIA is lauching the HealthTech Investor Summit at the end of 2023. The summit offers a unique platform for investors and innovative healthtech start-ups and scale-ups to connect. We are welcoming medtech and digital health entrepreneurs from across Europe and the world.

The Summit presents a global vision on healthtech innovation, with a focus on integration. To achieve breakthroughs in healthtech, we need to break down geographical, technological, financial and regulatory barriers.

When and where?

The first edition of the HealthTech Investor Summit takes place from 4-6 December 2023 at the Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre.

Why should I attend?

Network  The summit offers an excellent opportunity to connect and network with fellow industry professionals, investors and entrepreneurs in the healthtech space.

Learn  The program includes informative sessions on emerging technologies, industry trends and investment strategies, providing attendees with valuable insights.

Innovate  The summit showcases the latest innovations and technologies in healthcare and provides a platform for startups and early-stage companies to present their products and services.

Collaborate  The event encourages collaboration and partnerships between healthcare organizations, investors and technology companies, facilitating new opportunities for growth and development in the healthtech industry.

Can I pitch at the summit? 

Yes! The HealthTech Investor Summit provides a platform for healthtech start-ups and scale-ups to showcase their products to investors and industry experts, gain valuable exposure and secure potential investment opportunities.

Pitching at the summit can facilitate networking with potential partners and key players in the healthtech ecosystem. It’s a great opportunity for start-ups and scale-ups looking to secure funding and accelerate growth in the dynamic healthtech market. Check out the pitching packages here.

Can I have a booth at the summit?

But of course. Sponsoring the HealthTech Investor Summit increases your visibility and leads to potential business partnerships with investors and industry players. It’s a strategic investment in staying up-to-date with the latest healthtech trends and networking with thought leaders in the field.

Members of MEDVIA are entitled to a discount on sponsorship packages. Review the options here.

I’m an investor. What’s in it for me?

Investors can leverage our matchmaking platform to effortlessly connect with promising start-ups and scale-ups, allowing you to explore exciting investment opportunities and stay at the forefront of HealthTech innovation. Stay tuned for the launch of the platform.

I’m convinced. Can I register?

We will be launching registrations at the end of June. Until then, drop your name here to get updates on the program, matchmaking platform and line-up of speakers. And we’ll let you know when registrations open. Note: Members of MEDVIA get a 30% discount on ticket fees and a 15% discount on sponsoring and pitching!

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