Project spotlight: AIPLANT reduces complications from dental implant surgery with AI

In cooperation with life sciences news platform BioVox, Project Spotlight highlights collaborative projects that have been funded by MEDVIA.

The AIPLANT project aims to reduce complications from dental implant surgery using AI-based preoperative planning. The project is a collaboration between the Centre for Dentomaxillofacial Imaging at UZ Leuven, AI startup Relu, and Xentro Dental. 

18 October 2023

Our teeth go through a lot in our lifetimes – daily wear and tear, sports injuries, gum disease – so they don’t always make it to our older years. In the EU, nearly 2 million dental implants are installed annually, and the numbers are steadily increasing. But 1 in 10 dental implants result in complications requiring follow-up care. The best way to avoid such failures is for the dental surgeon to conduct presurgical planning.

Reinhilde Jacobs is a specialist in this kind of planning. A professor in the Department of Imaging & Pathology, KU Leuven, Reinhilde started out as a dental surgeon with a specialty in implant dentistry. She later obtained a specialization in dental maxillofacial radiology. “Presurgical planning of implant placements is my passion, and something which we developed here at KU Leuven in the 1990s,” she says.

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