Members invited to join MEDVIA at Smart Health Technologies Forum in Romania

MEDVIA invites its members to take part in the Smart Health Technologies in Medical Diagnostic and Treatment forum – Medic Nest’s first ClusterXchange event – in Iasi, Romania, from 7-9 February

The Medic Nest alliance of European healthtech clusters is pleased to announce its first ClusterXchange event. The Smart Health Technologies in Medical Diagnostic and Treatment forum will take place from 7-9 February in Iasi, Romania.

MEDVIA invites members to join us at the three-day forum, hosted by the Imago-Mol Cluster in Iasi, home to a highly skilled IT community. Many healthtech companies are based in the city, particularly pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and digital health. Iasi is known as one of the fastest growing tech hubs in Europe.

The Smart Health Technologies Forum is the first in a series of ClusterXchange events hosted by members of Medic Nest. The events will bring together healthcare companies, research institutions and care providers from around Europe that are determined to make systemic improvement in the healthcare system. ClusterXchange events are meant to improve collaboration, the exchange of knowhow and the internationalization of business.

Smart Health Technologies Forum will include debates, workshops and panel sessions, as well as speed networking and initiation workshops to facilitate the development of project consortia. And key to the forum: A European pitching competition for healthtech and medtech start-ups and companies in the presence of hospital managers, medical specialists, testing clients and potential investors.

Members interested in joining MEDVIA in Iasi next February can qualify for travel vouchers and should contact Johan Lecocq or Veerle De Colvenaer before registering for the conference.


Medic Nest is an alliance of clusters across Europe involved in precision medicine. There are four founding members of Medic Nest: MEDVIA, Imago-Mol of Romania, Biotecyl of Spain and Hellenic Biocluster of Greece.

MEDVIA members are invited to sign up for the Medic Nest newsletter. Read more about Medic Nest here.

30 December 2022
Written by Lisa Bradshaw