MEDVIA webinar on FOD Data Capabilities call for funding

MEDVIA is holding information sessions on the Data Capabilities call for funding just announced by the federal government’s department of Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment department. The deadline for submission is 17 April.

Recently MEDVIA gathered some 80 representatives from our member organizations for Roadmap for the Future, a day of workshops to help determine our funding and focus priorities for the coming year. One conclusion was that the healthtech sector is in need of middleware to use with the existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) in our hospital networks.

The Data Capabilities call creates an ideal opportunity for everyone to contribute to this goal!

A few key messages from the call:

  • The submission deadline is 17 April 2023. These tight deadlines are in line with this type of call from this federal department
  • A total of €20 million is available for up to 25 projects
  • Each project can apply for a maximum of €2 million; all costs must be justified
  • The hospitals do not have to be part of the same network

MEDVIA, Flanders’ healthtech spearhead cluster, is offering support to all our members as well as Flemish hospitals that are not members. We are ready to help facilitate inter and cross-network collaborations in order to optimize the impact of the projects.

We are therefore holding a information webinar at four different times in order to reach as many of our members as possible. The webinar will take place on:

Tuesday 21 March, 18.30
Wednesday 22 March, 7.30 & 18.30
Friday 24 March, 7.30 & 18.00

Please register your attendance here, after which a Zoom link will be emailed to you.

Following your attendance at one of the webinars, you can request a private meeting with MEDVIA for further strategic guidance. MEDVIA will also try to provide feedback on how you can use your project to optimize the impact of the €20 million across projects in the ecosystem.

In addition, this call for funding offers a unique opportunity for all data-related projects that were not chosen by MEDVIA in the latest round of funding because it did not fully match the VLAIO R&D subsidy guidelines.

Should you have additional questions, please contact Marc Van de Craen or Roel Smolders. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you during the webinar!