ONTOFORCE wins imec.istarts’ World Domination Award

ONTOFORCE has won imec.istart’s World Domination Award for 2022. Imec.istart rewards the company in its portfolio with the strongest international growth. The winner is chosen by the nanotech research center’s Venture Acceleration Managers – startup coaches, who act as sparring partners and trusted contacts on a day-to-day basis.

“In 2012, we joined imec’s accelerator program as a small start-up with only a few employees,” said ONTOFORCE in a statement. “What a journey it’s been!”

ONTOFORCE is the developer of DISQOVER, a life science knowledge platform that connects private and public data to generate new insights. It allows companies to take separate data sources and integrate them into single, uniform knowledge bases, opening up new ways to analyze and visualize the data.

Both ONTOFORCE and imec are members of MEDVIA.