Free seminar: Augmenting Health Data Using AI on 13 June

14 May 2024

The SAVE DATA project – a consortium of MEDVIA, Vito and imec – invites you to Augmenting Health Data Using AI, a free seminar on the opportunities and challenges involved in implementing and sustaining AI applications to secure health data.

We know that AI can significantly enhance the collection and utilization of health data in a variety of ways, including in predictive analytics, remote monitoring, diagnostics and drug development. But there is a lot to consider when applying artificial intelligence to your data, including:

Data quality: High-quality, diverse datasets are essential
Privacy: Data is sensitive and subject to strict privacy regulations
Interoperability: Data is often siloed across different systems and formats
Collaboration: AI developers need to collaborate closely with healthcare professionals

Join SAVE DATA at our upcoming seminar to hear about these challenges and potential solutions.

Augmenting Health Data Using AI
13 June, 12.00-16.30
De Winkelhaak
Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26, Antwerp


12.00-13.00      Registration & lunch

13.00-14.00      Starting with AI: Overcoming barriers to implementation
Willemien Laenens, Knowledge Centre Data & Society / AI Blind Spots in Healthcare
Introducing a card set that helps care professionals avoid replicating societal biases and structural inequalities
in the design, development and implementation of AI systems

Gokhan Ertaylan, Vito / From Lab to Clinic: Accelerating AI’s Journey in Healthcare
The transformative journey of AI in healthcare, from initial conception to full clinical deployment

14.00-15.20      Applying AI best practices
Lorin Werthen-Brabants, imec / Trustworthy ML for Healthcare: Challenges and Developments
Key challenges to ensuring TML in healthcare settings, such as data privacy, algorithmic bias and model interpretability, as well as recent strategies to overcome these challenges
Evelyn Verlinde, Leadlife
                            There will be a 20-minute break at 14.30

15.20-16.30      Ensuring continuity of AI applications
Katrien Verbert, KU Leuven
Jonas De Vylder, Barco / Keeping AI-powered Medical Devices Safe and Effective
Regulatory hurdles of AI-powered medical devices, including AI’s ability to learn and adapt and methods to ensure that AI-based tools reach clinicians wihtout compromising patient well-being

16.30-17.30      Networking reception

More details on the program will be added this week. The event is free of charge and in English.

A meeting of the SAVE DATA Advisory Board will take place at 10.30 on the same day and location. If you are a member of the Advisory Board, please register here.

If you are not a member of the Advisory Board, please register here for the seminar.

What is SAVE DATA?

This workshop is hosted by SAVE DATA, one of VLAIO’s Coock projects. SAVE DATA, a collaboration among Vito, imec and MEDVIA, works with companies, non-profits, governments and knowledge institutions to make health pathways – both preventive and curative – more accessible in a safe, ethical and transparent manner.

What is Coock?

Coock stands for Collectief Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling en Collectieve Kennisverspreiding/-transfer, or Collective R&D and Dissemination/Transfer of Knowledge. Funded by VLAIO, Coock projects allow a research institute to share the building blocks of specific technology with industry or public/governmental concerns. The goal of Coock projects is to valorize research results by accelerating the introduction of technology and knowledge to a broad group of companies.