COOCK project seminar: Microfluidics and process miniaturization for healthcare applications

MEDVIA and Sirris are hosting a free seminar on microfluidics and process miniaturization for healthcare and life science applications. The information session is part of the project Medical Diagnostics Goes Micro and Smart and takes place in several different locations to allow as many companies as possible to attend.

Miniaturizing a testing or sample preparation process into a dedicated microfluidic device (lab-on-a-chip) drastically reduces operating costs and the quantities of sample and reagents required, not to mention the waste generated. At the same time, it offers much faster results with greater accuracy.

Combined with smart flow, thermal control and accurate detection techniques, the miniaturized process is fully automated. This means it can be operated by a non-expert directly at the point of need, enabling immediate action based on the results.

Microfluidics technology is applicable to sectors as diverse as chemistry, pharmaceuticals, agri-food, life sciences and medical diagnostics. In this seminar, Sirris will demonstrate the techniques available in Belgium to develop a fully dedicated device specifically for your application and ready for mass production.

Who should attend?

  • Companies with an interest in miniaturizing a process onto a lab-on-chip device
  • Injection molding and mold maker companies interested in micromanufacturing
  • Product development companies interested in microfluidics
  • Companies that provide smart components for microfluidic diagnostics

When and where are the seminars?

19 September 15.30-17.00
Science Park UAntwerp
Galileilaan, Niel

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21 September 15.30-17.00
Tech Lane Ghent Science Park
Finocas, Technologiepark 48 Zone A2
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05 October 15.30-17.00
BioVille Center
Abis building, Blue Room
Agoralaan, Diepenbeek
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10 October 15.30-17.00
Gaston Geenslaan 8, Leuven
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15.30:   Check in & welcome drink
16.00:   Presentations at all locations by Denis Vandormael, senior project manager product development hub, and Tania
               Drissen, senior engineer mechatronics
                 Additional presentations:
                 Niel: Bart Verleije of Voxdale
                 Ghent: Bart Verleije of Voxdale, Mathieu Rabaey of Comate
                 Leuven: Mathieu Rabaey of Comate, Mireille Maenhoudt of MiDiagnostics
17.00:   Networking reception

We look forward to welcoming you to this Coock project seminar!

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