ClusterXchange: Join MEDVIA in Athens for the Hellenic BioCluster Forum

MEDVIA invites its members to join our team in Athens for the 3rd Hellenic BioCluster Forum. Besides being an excellent conference for the life sciences sector, it is the third ClusterXchange held under the Medic Nest healthtech cluster alliance.

Hellenic BioCluster Forum
15-17 June 2023
MAICC, Vas. Sofias Ave & Kokkali St.
115 21 Athens, Greece

Hosted by the Hellenic BioCluster (HBio), the third annual Forum is dedicated to supporting disruptive innovation to maximize the economic and social impact of the life sciences sector. Topics at the Forum include opportunities and challenges for SMEs and universities in the sector, bridging the gap from discovery to commercialization, the role of clinical research in disruptive innovation and innovative approaches to tailoring disease prevention and treatment.

The HBio Forum offers visiting companies many opportunities to explore the Greek market, hear relevant experiences and find potential partners.

Following the financial crisis of 2010, Greece experience a severe economic downturn. It has been steadily growing since then, and it is exactly this growth that creates opportunities for foreign companies wanting to invest in the market or find the right expertise to support that growth.

Seven quick facts on the Greek market:

1.    National Recovery and Resilience Plan
Supported by Europe, Greece has launched Greece 2.0, which includes €31.2 billion in grants and loans. A significant part of this budget has been allocated to life sciences and healthcare. The recovery plan is expected to mobilize a total of €60 billion in inward investments by the end of 2026.

2.    Strong start-up ecosystem
The crisis was followed by a huge boom in Greece’s start-up ecosystem, as graduates and professionals had difficulties finding jobs.
According to start-up registry Elevate Greece, 14% of all start-ups are in the biosciences, representing the largest and fastestgrowing sector in the country. Some 70% of start-ups are at the seed funding stage.

3.    High concentration of digital talent
Several global players have invested in Greece because of the available talent. A recent example is Pfizer, which has created a digital hub in Thessaloniki as part of its global network dedicated to the development of AI and big data analytics.

4.    Shift towards generics
The Greek pharmaceutical sector
is leveraging its know-how and capabilities on the growing demand for generics. It is first focusing on the Greek market, where cost pressures are forcing a major shift, but this is also the case for other European and global markets.

5.    Regional hub for clinical trials
Greece has the ambition to become a regional hub for clinical trials. The number of clinical trials is clearly increasing
year on year, with a main focus on Stage II and III. Greece’s digitalization initiatives further enhance the potential for clinical trials.

6.    Investments to modernise the healthcare system
Greece’s healthcare system is lagging behind, and investments are being made to improve the situation. This includes equipment in hospitals, digitalization of healthcare services and healthcare sustainability. 

7.    Gateway to neighbouring countries
Greece is also considered a gateway to the larger region, such as Turkey and the Balkans.

Advantage for MEDVIA members

Because MEDVIA is a member of Medic Nest, an alliance of four European healthtech clusters, all of our members attend the conference for the same fee as members of HBio. MEDVIA is hosting a delegation of members in Athens, so our members should register via MEDVIA. We will in turn register you for the conference.

MEDVIA can also offer a travel voucher worth €390 to SMEs, research organisations, incubators, innovation hubs or members of cluster organizations who attend for the full three days.

The event also offers the chance to get to know members of the other Medic Nest Clusters: HBio, Imago-Mol of Romania and SIVI of Spain. Read more on Medic Nest.

And save the date for our ClusterXchange in Spain: BioSpain in Barcelona from 26-28 September!

Register for the Hellenic BioCluster Forum (via MEDVIA)

Questions? Contact Johan Lecocq or Veerle De Colvenaer

Article published 11 April
Article updated 11 May