Say yes to the US: Internationalization program for healthtech companies

MEDVIA announces US internationalization program for 2024: workshop series + US mission

7 December 2023
Updated: 09 January 2024

MEDVIA is pleased to announce our new internationalization program for 2024. “Say yes to the US” is a seven-part series on breaking into the US market, organized in partnership with Smart Hub Flemish Brabant and MEDVIA member Crowell & Moring.

The program kicks-off on 25 January and culminates with a mission to the US in the autumn, taking in events and visits to hubs and accelerators in one of America’s healthtech hotspots.

Why a program on the US?

The regulatory environment in Europe for healthtech innovations can be complicated and time-consuming, while the US is home to a large single market. This means that some start-ups should consider launching their product in the US first. Other companies will be looking to expand their market beyond Europe.

For some innovations, faster impact can be achieved in the US, and can also be more lucrative. Reimbursement policies are streamlined, making building a business case easier and faster. If you want to get your company going and raise the capital to launch in your home market, the US can be an excellent place to start.

Even for R&D companies without products to put on the market, keeping an eye on the US is important. Non-dilutive R&D funds for starters and scale-ups through government grants and funding is definitely worthwhile to follow!

When are the sessions?

The sessions will take place monthly, from January to June. The final gathering, early in September, will be a preparatory session for a mission MEDVIA organizes to the US. The dates for this session and more information on the mission will be communicated early next year. We are planning to select a trade show or conference that brings the most value to our members.

In the meantime, you can already register for the first two sessions!

Say yes to the US: Internationalization for healthtech companies
Session 1: Why go to the US?
25 January, 14.00-17.00
De Hoorn, Sluisstraat 79, Leuven


  • Welcome and check-in
  • Introduction to the series
  • Doing business in the US and working with Americans: Real-world experiences and insights
  • Case studies panel: Why did you launch in the US?
    Featuring: Jan Verheyden, VP Partnerships at Icometrix / Katleen Verleysen, CEO of miDiagnostics / Julien Penders, COO of Bloomlife


The first session is open to everyone, free of charge. Subsequent sessions are free for MEDVIA members and for companies based in Flemish Brabant. This is due to a partnership with Smart Hub Flemish Brabant. For all other non-members, a €250 fee will be charged per participant and per session.

Register here for Session 1

Every session will feature special guests who are experts in the topic. All sessions will be located in either Leuven or Brussels. The exact locations for rest of the sessions will be communicated soon.

The dates and themes for the rest of the sessions are:

Session 2: Entry strategies and considerations
29 February, 14.00-17.30
Crowell & Moring, 7 Rue Joseph Stevens, Brussels
Register here for Session 2

Session 3: Choosing a landing site / Meet MEDVIA’s partner hubs
27 March, Brussels 

Session 4: FDA Regulations / Tips & tricks for navigating and collaborating with the FDA
25 April

Session 5: Important regulatory & strategic considerations / Geopolitical situation, reimbursement, US healthcare system
30 May

Session 6: Forward thinking / How the US views emerging technologies, US-specific opportunities
27 June

Who can attend the internationalization series?

Say yes to the US, which includes the seven-part series and the mission to the US, is open to all healthtech companies wanting to learn more about doing business in the US, whether or not they attend the mission in the autumn.

Anyone looking to attend the mission is advised to set aside some €5,000 for travel, accommodation and event fees. We will communicate later about any subsidies or discounts that might be available.

MEDVIA’s greater strategy

Say yes to the US is part of MEDVIA’s Tackling Global Markets strategy. This strategy is one of several we will be rolling out in 2024. What are the others? We’re glad you asked:

  • Tackling the Home Market (BE/EU)
  • The Future of Healthcare (Futureproofing the Belgian healthtech sector)
  • Money, Money, Money (Getting funding, including our project calls)


MEDVIA will position our programming in 2024 within these strategies. More information on these strategies will be communicated early in the new year.

Say yes to the US is held in partnership with: