Roadmap for the Future: Focus for coming year emerges at workshops

MEDVIA held Roadmap for the Future on 27 February in Ghent. The event brought together some 80 representatives from our member organizations to discuss their challenges, concerns and priorities. Input received from members during guided workshops will not only help MEDVIA determine where to focus our energies, but also to direct our funding budget.

Attendees could choose to take part in two workshops based on four main themes:

  • Disruptive health solutions / New care models
  • Precision medicine / ATMP
  • Value-based healthcare / Public health and population health
  • Digital medicine / New digital bio-markers

Smaller groups formed during these sessions so that highly interactive and constructive conversations could take place. Clear themes emerged not only in each session but across sessions, giving MEDVIA a concrete idea of what common goals and challenges to address going forward.

This input will now be put before MEDVIA’s innovation board, which will use it to formulate advice for the board of directors. This process enables a member-driven decision-making process when it comes to setting funding priorities. We will update our members as to the outcome of these discussions at a later date.

Another outcome of the day is a that our members want to engage further with each other  going forward. To meet that demand, MEDVIA will organize new working groups and more focused workshops.

Some topics being considered for working groups:

  • Patient-centric care (MEDVIA’s Zorgadviesraad will be key to this process)
  • Data: collection, sharing, use and privacy issues (probably multiple working groups)
  • Hospital innovation

A topic being considered for a workshop:

  • Reimbursements: How do you drive innovation if your product/treatment is not reimbursed? Looking at the situation both at home and abroad. MEDVIA looks forward to discussing a collaboratioin with EIT Health and beMedtech on this crucial challenge facing healthtech

MEDVIA would like to thank everyone who took part in Roadmap for the Future. The feedback from members was invaluable in knowing how to address the challenges we all face.