New member: AZ Groeninge joins MEDVIA

MEDVIA welcomes AZ Groeninge in Kortrijk as its newest member. It is the first non-university hospital to join the cluster.

AZ Groeninge has two campuses in Kortrijk and is part of the seven-strong E17 hospital network. Last year the hospital saw more than 110,000 patients.

“At AZ Groeninge we are very enthusiastic about joining the innovative research culture at MEDVIA,” said the hospital’s head of innovation, Brian Desplinter. “Joining the cluster was an obvious choice for us: As a hospital, research and innovation is in our DNA.”

In 2021, AZ Groeninge carried out 377 clinical studies with 2,183 patients. “And that during a Covid year,” says Brian. “Next to all the studies, we facilitate a Clinical Research Unit with five beds.”

The hospital has developed, sometimes with partners, new digital and non-digital tools to help patients, doctors and nurses. “We work under the idea of a ‘hospital of the future’,” says Brian. “This includes hybrid and digital care, food and health, patient monitoring and recovery.”

Right now, he continues, “we are working on the creation and implementation of biosensors with several other partners, and we are using holograms and virtual reality to enhance the patient experience and to increase the skills and knowledge of our healthcare staff.”

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All new members must be approved by the MEDVIA Board of Directors at the annual general meeting