MEDVIA rings in the New Year with seven new members

The New Year has brought the gift of seven new members to MEDVIA.

Based in Amsterdam, Panda International is now operating its recruitment services in Belgium. It matches life science professionals with companies and research institutions in several European countries.

Ideanovation in Huldenberg is a start-up that transforms innovative ideas in medicine into proof-of-concepts. This allows companies to attract investors for continued development and market launch.

The AZ Delta hospital network has four campuses in West Flanders, with its headquarters in Roeselare. It offers all forms of specialized care, with orthopedics being a cornerstone of its services. The collective campuses are home to more than 1,400 beds and 4,000 employees.

From its labs in Ghent’s Tech Lane Science Park, ADX NeuroSciences creates tailor-made antibodies and assays to quantify unique biomarkers in a wde variety of neurdegenerative diseases.

Perseus Biomics has developed the microbiome analysis technology DynaMAP, which delivers precise microbiome profiles faster than existing technologies. Located in Tienen’s Industry Park, the company enables researchers and clinicians to perform quick and cost-efficient microbiome analysis in labs and at point-of-need.

Hoorzorg Van Looveren in Borsbeek offers multiple services in supporting of auditory health, including hearing aids, hearing protection and hearing loss coaches as well as treatments for vertigo and tinnitus.

AZ Maria Middelares in Ghent is part of the E17 Hospital Network and manages two separate medical centers, one in Ghent and one in Aalter. With several ongoing studies through its Clinical Research Centre AZMM – incuding in its specialist Hernia Centre, Integrated Cancer Centre and Children’s Allergy Centre – the hospital maintains more than 600 beds and employs over 220 physicians.

MEDVIA memberships are conditional until officially approved by at the annual general meeting

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