Cover story interview with MEDVIA CEO in latest Fokus Healthcare

07 March 2024

MEDVIA CEO Ann Van Gysel appears on the cover of the latest edition of Fokus Healthcare. Flanders’ thematic magazine chose to interview Ann because they see MEDVIA as being at the centre of current health evolutions.

The medical world is constantly evolving, says Fokus, with the aim of creating a healthier world through innovations such as the Internet of Medical Things (IOMT). This network consists of interconnected systems and devices that collect, analyze and transmit health data. A true revolution for both healthcare and the patient, provided we learn to deal with this abundance of data.

Fokus spoke to Ann about lifestyle and prevention, how digitalization is fundamentally changing healthcare and the conplex reimbursement landscape. “Flanders is extraordinarily rich with ideas for healthcare, and we should be really proud of that,” said Ann. “But there needs to be a push to get them realized and on the market. That’s what we do at MEDVIA.”

Read the entire interview here.