October mission to the US wraps up MEDVIA’s 2024 internationalization series

For the final piece of our Say Yes to the US internationalization program, MEDVIA is organizing a mission to New York and Las Vegas this autumn! Our seven-part series offered advice from American experts and Flemish companies on how European health innovation companies can break into the US market.

The aim of this mission is to connect with some of the companies featured in our Say Yes to the US sessions, provide an opportunity to pitch to American investors, and attend the massive HLTH conference in Las Vegas – a fantastic venue to meet and connect with other healthtech and health care specialists. HLTH is expected to have around 12,000 attendees and upwards of 300 speakers, so it’s an event not to be missed!

US Mission 2024
16-19 October: Hub visit, New York City
20-23 October: HLTH US Conference, Las Vegas


17 October

  • Travel from Brussels – NYC
  • Welcome reception

18 October

  • Program for members
  • Ecosystem visits
  • Meeting and pitching investors

19 October

  • Travel from NYC – Las Vegas

20 October

  • Welcome reception at HLTH
  • Partner program with Echalliance

21-23 October

  • HLTH conference
  • Booth at HLTH (Global Village)

24 October

  • Travel from Las Vegas – Brussels


We are offering a special pitching event on 18 October as an offshoot of MEDVIA’s HealthTech Investor Summit. This is your chance to showcase your innovative research to US investment firms with other European as well as US companies. It is also a networking opportunity not only with American investors, but also with hospitals, buyers and other companies.

Who can join the mission?

Everyone is welcome! We strongly encourage attendees of our Say Yes to the US sessions to join us, as these information sessions have been curated as a lead-up to this mission.

How much will it cost?

We recommend setting aside some €5,000 for travel, accommodation and event fees. Registrants will receive a special discounted rate for the HLTH conference, as well as discounted hotel pricing if we book as a group.

How do I sign up?

Let us know your interest in the mission and register for updates here. We will notify you when registration for the mission is available.